Thanks for reading my story all about hives.

My hives story and what’s worked. I’ve had hives off and on for over 5 years. When they first started they were all over my body and in some areas they was just one massive one because several merged. Various doctors and tests came up with no direct cause. After a couple of months, they went away. And would appear every now and then. But this round started in September and didn’t go away for weeks. By Oct I went to my GP doc and he gave me Prednisone and a steroid shot. That did help. Jan 2 I went to a different and now regular GP doctor. He gave me more Prednisone and a heavy dose steroid shot. He also suggested a dermatologist. The dermatologist said based on my history they are chronic and I need to be on daily meds for most of the year to keep them in check. Current regime is Doxepin at night, 1 pill if really bad 2-3 pills, and 1 Allegra in the morning but if really bad another one in the afternoon. Now the biggest issue is the friggin itching. That just drives insane. Most of the hives are on my hands and feet so I dip them in my pool that’s really cold or rub ice on them. A few times when the hives are all over my body, I’ve jumped in the pool. The cool/cold water helps numb the hives and gives me some relief. But my doctor doesn’t recommend that- but when they are bad and itchy I do what I need to bring relief. O, I have 6 different over the counter anti itch creams and lotions that I keep in the fridge. The one that works the best is simple aloe vera with lodicane (sun burn gel).

I’ve been on the Doxepin and Allegra regime for a couple of weeks now and my hives have been almost non existent most days. But when they return they return pissed and they itch and burn like crazy. So I ice them down and use different anti itch gels/creams on them. But they don’t last more than a day and are not nearly as big or wide spread.


Bill Luanne Koski Johnson Thank you for sharing, I hope you get better relief

Kimberley Ann Blexten is what finally helped with the itch for me

Julie Miller Thanks for sharing x

Kathy Miller-Hammar Size pin is meant to be an anti itch. I wonder if upping the dose might help? I am on it and grew immune to it in 6 months and had my dosage doubled!

Eric Lagneaux Kathy Miller-Hammar I can go up to 3 pills a night if needed. I’m trying not to do that and so far one pill a night is good. Do you wake up foggy in the mornings? It takes me a lot longer to become fully awake. Without it, I could just get up and go.

Kathy Miller-Hammar Eric Lagneaux I take a set dose and it took me a month to adjust and not feel so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes opened. My dosage was recently doubled because it stopped working

Eric Lagneaux Kathy Miller-Hammar Thank you for the information. I hope I get into a normal routine of taking the meds without feeling foggy when I wake up.

Kathy Miller-Hammar Eric Lagneaux it took about 4 weeks. They told me to take them at bed and I was struggling. The half life is 15 hours so I’d drag a ton til noon or 1. I started taking at dinner (around 6) and the improvement was remarkable

Eric Lagneaux Kathy Miller-Hammar thank you. I’ve been taking it about 9 but I’ll take it at 7 and see how that goes. I really do appreciate all the hints with this medication.

Kathy Miller-Hammar Eric Lagneaux it’s a horrible medication! Lol. How long have you been on it? Do you have a lower dosage?

Eric Lagneaux Kathy Miller-Hammar just a couple of weeks and my dosage is 10mg.

Jane Berger My hives itch all day, all night, so much that they burn. A few drops of tea tree oil in my anti-itch lotion or on my scalp (where they’re the absolute worst) helps a LOT.

Eric Lagneaux Jane Berger o thank you. Mine burn sometimes too. I will try tea tree oil.

Jane Berger You may smell like turpentine, but it eventually wears off, I swear!

Eric Lagneaux Jane Berger I don’t care about the smell as long as the itching stops.

Jane Berger That’s where I’m at.

Nina Radivojevic I had them too, but went to naturopath and she found out that my liver is not working properly. She gave me a -hepatica 25 drops morning and evening, dao histamine and good probiotic. Of course have ti watch food to. No more hives

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