The cream I found that cream helped a lot in hives allergy.

picture of the cream I found that cream helped a lot when I wanted the hives removing from a particular area for example my bum it hurt when I sat down so I put it on and it hasn’t been back there since and that was approximately three weeks ago

Hi my name is lily and this is my story. I first got hives all over my body about a year ago and I had never seen it before and it kept getting worse throughout the day so I went to a walk in centre and they told me it was ‘excema’ and to use steroid cream so I did and it went away and that was that. A few months later it came back and I used my steroid cream and it went away again. I turned 18 in October exciting time I can drink and I wanna dress nice and go out with my friends but come November it came back and the steroid cream helped but it would just appear in another place and I was like what the fuckkk and about 5 Doctors told me it was excema so I was like ah well but just got worse and worse and then one night out I was drinking and the day prior I had a big flare up of it and wasn’t going down with antihistamines at all!! All 12am been drinking and I feel my lip tingling but it had swollen abit before but not even noticeable I could just feel it but this night I was in the middle of town and my lip was massive!! I was crying my eyes out pissed as a fart so went home(a friends house that night) and woke up about 7am and it was huge! My mates mum took me to the walk in centre and that is when he diagnosed me with chronic urticaria and gave me steroids for my lip. Ever since I was like finally I know what it is but after hearing stories and reading up urticaria is there for life so I was having break downs in work and didnt feel myself I was constantly crying and my lips were constantly swelling and my fingers and also the back of my legs and bottom of my feet would swell making it hard to walk and my bed was constantly covered in blood from itching! However I did eventually get referred to a dermatologist and I nagged them to bring my appointment forward which they did thankfully as it was a 12 week waiting list and I got seen within a month of being referred and the dermatologist has put me on cicloporin and as of now I have no hives however is a little itchy and my finger did start to swell yesterday but them tables beginning in fexo whatever stopped it and it was fine. I do have very heat sensitive hands and I do feel ill and get cramps however!!! I am the happiest I have been in a long long time and I have seen other pictures on here and mine could of been well worse wish I had found this group sooner for all the support! Thank you for reading if you got this far x

The cream I found that cream helped a lot in hives allergy.


Jen Breen Lily sorry for what you are going through. You have come to the right place. You will find there are many of us with a similar story. I am glad to hear that you are happy and pretty hive free!

Craig Mcclelland I use aloe vera keep it in the fridge for extra relief. Less chemicals in it aswell.

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