The doctor said it would be enough to wear warm and loose pants in this hives

Okay, turns out I don’t have Cold Urticaria! I have Cold Equestrian Panniculitis! I’m an equestrian and walk around in Thight pants in the cold But I normally wear skinny jeans when I ride or work. I don’t do competitions. But now I’ll have to use trekking pants for the winter Zero fashion, but good dor my health . the doctor said it would be enough to wear warm and loose pants, thanks anyway for all the tips!


Mel Mack can you wear jeans when you’r not in competition? i mostly wore jeans for riding but i only did trail riding, no sandpit stuff. i just remembered that sometimes i wore track pants aka sweat pants. i wore the non-nylon ones. also, i assumed you were wearing jodhpurs: jodhpurs might be less tight than skinny jeans. i hope you find a solution so you can keep riding

Franca St. Cyr Gravel Glad you found out what you have.

Kelly Yates Kenyon My equestrian days ended because of this. Xolair has made a huge difference. Someday I will ride again

Faye Provan So its not related to cu?

Céline Tanguy Not at all 🙂 But looks like it! And is (in my case) also caused by the cold

Faye Provan Thank you Celine

Sue Elshire Hargrave Those are hives! I have got to look up this disease – it must somehow be related! Is that what your biopsy came back as?

Sue Elshire Hargrave NOPE NOT HIVES! Totally fascinating!!!!

Richard Rothenberg That looks so terrible, I am so sorry that you are affected to that level. But I am very glad that you have received news to your situation. And I do realize that there are plenty of people out there who have severe cases. So with the news that you have received, does that mean after following your doctor’s instructions that you should generally be 100% hive free?

Céline Tanguy Yep just don’t wear tight pants in the cold

Richard Rothenberg That’s awesome. I’m so happy for you.

Sue Elshire Hargrave Your panniculitis looks just like my hives, but mine were biopsied, and came up as urticaria. I looked it up, and it’s such a different disease, and can be very low key, and go away, up to very nasty. Fascinating to see what I look like most of the time, and not have the same thing! I’m so sorry that you are dealing with this! I am so glad it will go away!

Clare Emma Furlong Share your pain. I also have cold cu as well as hot, pressure and sweat. Being and equestrian and being out in all weathers and clothing is really hard. Being with out horses and I get depression

Michelle Shannon I wear my waterproofs over my jods/skinnys at the yard in the winter. Keeps the windchill out and tends to keep me a bit warmer

Mary Lynne Smith I miss riding. I see its your passion. Love it. Feel better

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