The first time in 1 year i am hive free

So two weeks ago today i went to church and a pastor David Hogan prayed for me.. believe what you will but God is great. In a day i was better and since then i have been hive free. No medication what so ever. I stopped it all. Even stopped my eltroxin.for the first time in 1 year i am hive free. Im not saying i will never get it again ( hopefully i won’t ) but with God on my side i can cope with anything. From this to clear.. God is great.!!!


Zoraida A Pagan-Velez God is good, I’m happy for you, I believe in God power.

Dorothy Stephens God is Good!!!

Debra Branan Shiflet All the time!

Ariana Vandergoot What a wonderful blessing!! I’m so happy for you!!
I’ve had a few times of prayer over me with my prayer warrior friends, but I think God still is trying to teach me something because I still have hives. I just have to keep trusting everyday that His timing will be good, and that I need to rely on him and be patient. So happy He has given you relief!!

Sandy Wade So happy for you

Rhoda Young Long may you be hive free. Brill news

Bernadette Abishegasamy God is great.

Anet SP Lalah Keep the faith!

Mary Catherine Cash Jesus answers prayer!

Gail Young To God be the glory! He is an awesome healer and us still the Greatest Physician. I’m depending on His healing as well but in His own time. Keep trusting

Lisa Salem Craine The power of prayer is awesome

Ansa Van Niekerk Amen! Glad to see some believers in this group. I pray that God will heal all sufferers body mind and soul.

Ray McCreary Amen! I’m praying for a cure to rid us all of this disease. God is great!

Devora Yellin Fish I have enormous faith and I pray daily for my husband who is suffering. One of the hardest parts of his disease for me is hearing him cursing Gd for afflicting him. It breaks my heart.

Sonya Zandberg We will pray for him too

Miriam AbdulQaabid I love this, how amazing!

Yasmine Price Whatever works for you is a blessing

Rhonda Heath-Cowan Riker I quit it all too doing good week six

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