The hives and angiodema started to subside within 6 month

I’ve been on Xolair for a year now. After about 6 months, the hives and angiodema started to subside. I rarely get hives anymore, BUT I’ve been experiencing torturous itching for the last few months. I’m constantly itching…..EVERYWHERE!!! I literally feel like I’m going to lose my mind. It’s worse after I shower, but happens even though I try to limit my showers to every other day (with barely lukewarm water).
Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m wondering if it’s the Xolair? I don’t seem to have dry skin but I’m wondering if the Xolair and all of the antihistamines that I’m on are drying me out.


Alissa Trollinger I don’t have things under control yet and I’ve had 2 rounds of Xolair… But I’m wondering, can you taper some of the antihistamines and see if that makes a difference? If you haven’t had the hives and angiodema, maybe you could do an experiment to see if that has any effect. I’m sorry, the itching is intolerable.

Tina Tufano Alissa Trollinger I’ve started tapering now that I’m finally off the prednisone. So far, it isn’t helping.

Alissa Trollinger Shucks, I’m sorry.

Amir Mariann Did you try to make your water softer? I have a machine that you use to make your water soft. If it is running out of its refill material I immediately dry out and itch. I also use La roche posey shower gel for atopic skin and the same brand body cream. It helps a lot with the itching

Tina Tufano Amir Mariann Thank you for the suggestions.

Ashlea Willms Are you on Zoloft? I had to quit taking it because it made the itching so intense. The itching was worse going off of it, but once I got through that period it got better.

Tina Tufano Ashlea Willms No. I’m on Lexapro though.

Annette Lengyel Xolair 6 months. Hives stopped immediately, but I have moderate itch all the time. Not as severe as yours but it’s there. Will see if that changes in the next 6 months.

Diana Dillard Keeton I do xolair every two weeks. Doxepin, hydroxyzine, levocetirizine plus the benadryl. I still have some break throughs when it rains or whatever but I am much better than before. Sweat and tears were the worst lol

Joyce Rosenblatt I’ve shared this before but I don’t know if you can find a dr willing to do it. I take 25mg naltrexone. Some do LDN. It helps the itching.

Anne Camille Jongleux I am not on Xolair but I have the crazy itchiness even though my hives are controlled. I take an antihistamine with anti-cholinergic properties that has helped (Clemastine, tho there are others). Montelukast helped initially with the itching as well, though not completely. Talk to your doctor. For me, I can adjust water temp, moisturizer, etc and it makes little difference. Not scratching, though difficult if not sometimes impossible, really does make a difference as when you break your skin, even microscopically, the healing process uses histamine. So scratching makes it worse in the long run. It seems counter-intuitive, but sweaty exercise helps me as well. I suspect this is because you can only produce so much histamine at a time, so a dump during exercise gives me relief later for several hours. YMMV. I’ve noticed this recently since I’ve been on exercise restrictions following minor surgery. Some claim that yoga & meditation help with the itch but I’m not a calm-minded person so meditation isn’t something achievable for me. 🙂 Wishing you an itch-less day.

Alissa Trollinger I am the same way w/exercise, it doesn’t always relieve the hives completely but it absolutely gives relief from the itch. It’s a blessing.

Anne Camille Jongleux Alissa Trollinger I itch so much sometimes during workouts that I have to put weights down for a minute.

Alissa Trollinger Anne Camille Jongleux, it’s interesting – when I do cardio, the itch is relieved really quickly. But during weights, it isn’t as relieved. It’s like I need the circulation increase that comes w/cardio, as well as the sweat.

Anne Camille Jongleux Alissa Trollinger Same here! I do a combo. Because of some problems I haven’t been getting that cardio sweat effect as much in recent months. But hoping I’m released to all activities tomorrow & my trainer returns Jan4! I haven’t run in 2 months but for the last 5 years I’ve run a particular 2.5 mile loop at the beach every NYE. I’m hoping I can do that on Tuesday even if I’m only running 30 second intervals for a mile & walking the rest. If not I’ll walk it & say good riddance to 2019!

Diana Dillard Keeton You may also need to add other drugs to the mix sorry to say.

Dawn Hamel Showers kill me even with Xolair but I admit I love my hot showers.

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