The hives on my fingers are getting little blisters

Hives Suck. I mean really. Im covered head to toe. So far Xolair has not been much of a help. Im having a poor me moment. Im itchy. Im in pain. The hives on my fingers are getting little blisters because th skin is so tight, I guess. Adema has settled in my jowels and I look like deputy dog. What causes it. Huh? What doesnt? Lets see. Hot. Cold. Physical pressure. Stress. Yes Ive been tested for everything. Yes Ive changed my diet. No. Its not allergies. I cant help scratching so dont tell me to stop. I have ZERO energy. My husband says I need to go to the gym and try to loose weight. He is right. In 3+years the ONLY thing that keeps me hive free is steroids. Guess what steroids plus hives plus mega amounts of antihistimines do? Make you gain weight! Make you tired. My allergist said as much as 5lbs PER round of steroids. Im so, so tired of not knowing what Im going to see in the mirror when I wake up. Ughhh. Okay. Pity Party over.


Donna Johnson Those pictures of the knots on the forehead look like the same things I get on my arms as well as my scalp . Doctor always just blew me off

Amanda Trujillo No pity party, your a strong beautiful woman..don’t worry about the weight..because something will allow us to be steroid free someday! I’m feeling you! 🙂

Renee Masters Doody I was you and been on cyclosporine for the past week. I love wearing shorts! I was hesitant but it’s going great. Don’t give up.

Melissa Reel I understand, steroids are the only thing that keep mine fairly controlled been through all the tests and biopsies and med I itch so bad sometimes on my hands/ fingers scalp I have to bring something to work to itch myself with .my life sucks most of the time

Julia Fontera Hugs how many xolair shots this disease is the worst for our sanity

Cristine Kreplick Vent any time hugs. Do you drink lots of water ?

Diane Robinson Where are you been all my life!!!! you sound just like me. . only kidding , I know where you’re at , i hope things go better for you.. you’re very pretty and a strong looking lady!

Julia Fontera It took 4 shots 4 me

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