The only thing that relieves the itch

Just when I thought it was over..I had this uneasy feeling a few days ago. I hadn’t had much sleep over the weekend and I knew I was overexhausted. Three days ago it hit like a thunderstorm, in a few seconds I was covered in hives. I called in sick to work the next morning, and today I had no choice but to come in for a couple of hours to complete some paperwork (although my mind was on the hives the entire time, wondering if co-workers are staring at the hives on my neck, or the red dots on my hands as I sign papers) only to get home to rip off my button-up shirt and go at it with my wife’s hair brush..the only thing that relieves the itch (temporarily)


Deborah Lee Did you take any Zyrtec or meds it helps

Bron Neigh It’s so itchy on your torso, I have a bicarb bath when it’s all over my back. Hope it settles soon.

Gene Starr I know the feeling. Braggs Apple cider vinegar diluted and rubbed on them worked for me.

Sue Elshire Hargrave Oh, Luke I know those days and they are miserable you wonder how you are supposed to wear clothes! The not knowing how long they will be there, and if and when they will come back (they always do, as I never am hive free!) is what really gets me if we just could plane for them How is impacting your work?

Julia Fontera I am so sorry it was hell for me and mine didnt go away at all for months without prednisone

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