The past 8 weeks I have had hives and angioedema all over

I haven’t had a flare up in about seven years. However, for the past 8 weeks I have had hives and angioedema all over. Oral steroids seemed to work pretty well but as soon as I finished the 2 weeks, they came back with a vengeance. Had a steroid injection almost 4 days ago and it doesn’t seem to be working. Antihistamines aren’t touching it, and I’m on three different ones. Not sure what I’m looking for here, I’m just itchy and miserable and I knew y’all would understand.


Branda Crow Gray So sorry! When mine came back with a vengeance, my doctor started me on Xolair and have been hive free now for three months.

Meg Sapio Been there!  cold bath helped me…

Joan H. Morris I had a flare up after a long time too. Turned out both my thyroid and hemoglobin levels were low. Zyrtec, Zantac at night and xyzal in the morning everyday helped along with montelukast until my iron levels got high again. Started on a trip to Portugal, lasted eleven months then stopped when I got back to Portugal again. Weird. Home now. No hives.

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