The person recommended corn starch spray as an anti itch remedy.

The person who recommended corn starch spray as an anti itch remedy. After reading about it at 2am, unable to sleep, I decided to try it. Hubs sleepily wanders downstairs and and is immediately both happy and horrified: “Why are you spraying yourself with Viagra?”


Gilberto Ruiz Val I’m sure it works ! Now I remember as a child my mother used to toast corn starch on a dry clean frying pan and applied to us after a sun burn or heat rash. I remember the scent of it and now I will try it again to calm myself down and keep me from scratching

Carol Byrd So it really works?

Mia Nease It definitely had a cooling effect and it stopped the urge to scratch. I played a Immune System Healing meditation and went back to sleep.

Sandra Reece Ok . I’m confused.. is that found in the baking or laundry isle of the grocery store..??? Seriously.. I don’t cook or iron..

Maureen Wright In the laundry isle – it’s used to starch mens shirts, doillies, etc.

Sandra Reece Thanks Maureen Wright.. I read corn starch.. though food..starch..thought of collars.. I avoid ironing at all costs! (And cooking)

Maureen A Flaherty Great that this is giving you relief .LMAO at what you hubby said to you choking in fact, because I’m laughing so hard! What a hoot! Leave it to a guy!!!!!

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