The strap causes me to breakout in hives

I am posting this picture because I wear an Apple Watch. It “WOULD” cause me to swell and I would take it off. Last week I went to my local corporate Apple Store. I had a gift card and a nice sales rep told me about the Nike Bands. What you see in this picture are Nike Bands. They are available in different colors. The bands allow the skin to breathe.

My 12 year daughter has Angioedema. I have the Urticaria, Angioedema and Eczema. She is having the same problem with her Fitbit. I’m going to go to their website and see what I can learn. I’m not purchasing an Apple Watch for a 12 year old 😂.


Verity Wood I used to sleep in my Fitbit until I realised it was causing hives around my wrist – I generally get away with wearing it during daytime apart from really bad days

Heather Derby Neufeld I quit wearing my Fitbit because it felt like my wrist was on fire. Since then we are even turning the wifi off at night. I had hives for two years, free of hives for about 7 weeks now but not taking any chances, still turning the wifi off at night and I will never wear a Fitbit or anything like it again.

Jo Anne Interesting. I can’t wear any watches because the strap causes me to breakout in hives, even leather straps. I got rid of my fitbit for the same reasons


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