There could be many Hive factors

God help me! My body is like one giant hive.

God help me! My body is like one giant hive. There could be many factors.
1) I have been weaning of my 4weeks of steriods and I have continued to get worse.
2) I am overdue for my xolair shot by a week. I didn’t think it was helping my hives at all, but maybe with out it I would be like this all the time.
3) i ran out of my zyzal last night. So instead I took 2 benedral around 11pm, and had to take 2 again at 4am.
Here are my meds I am on.
Zyzal 2-4 a day , Rantadine 2× day , Montelucast 10mg at night.
Hydroxyzine 12.5 in am and 5omg at night
Cellcept/myocophenolate 500mmg 2xday , Xolair incections 1xmonth.
This week, Prednizone 5mg ever other day after orginally starting on 20mg a day.
Thank God I go back to my dermatologist Monday. Hoping he will increase the cellcept.


Colette Keith Kramer
When my hives were that bad I was on 1500 mg of Cellcept in the am and 1500 mg pm..I hope you get some relief. 🙏🏻

Stacey Luken
Cyclosporine helped me wean off of steroids. Now I get Xolair injections once a month, and take Zyrtec (occasionally Zantac if needed) and Vitamin D daily. Praying for relief and comfort for you.

Sian Stephenie
Go you. I cant get off of prednisolone, it’s the only thing I’ve been given that keeps my urticaria under control. I’ve tried taking it down any trying all antihistamines and creams they could given me. Nothing touched it. And I’m a wimp and the hives just get too much. Like your pic I’m just covered. So steroids get put back up x

Sandy Kromer Eggert
Same here. This 10 mg low dose of prednisone isn’t effective for me. I need a higher dose and the hives are gone. At this point just trying to make it through to my 3rd Xolair injection and hope to heck it works!

Susie Scala
Please please google the AIP diet and try it. Auto Immune Protocol. It’s only for 30 days and it resets your immune system. I was just like you and this diet saved my life. I am hives free and meds free and I cleared up after only 2 weeks. Please try it. Please.

Jill Newell
Susie Scala is the AIP diet good for dermatographia

Susie Scala
If your gut is reset it will clear up all skin issues

Marion Saunders
You poor love! Hope you get relief very swn – it’s so so horrible 🙈 X

Savannah Layne
Oh you poor thing! I know you are suffering 😞 hope you get some relief very soon! 💛

Patsy Dixon
Oh that’s simply dreadful for you – so sorry x

Donna Marie
I’m so sorry! That looks very uncomfortable. Try Zyrtec one in the am with a Pepcid ac, another Zyrtec at dinner time and a Benadryl before bed. The Zyrtec and Pepcid ac both work wonders with the skin. I’m following my allergists advice until I receive my first XOLAIR shot in a week.

Sandy Kromer Eggert
Ugh. This condition is a pain! I’m on a low dose of prednisone right now and it isn’t doing much. I need higher doses to get relief. But I do know that even when I taper down to 5 mg from 10 mg I’ll still flare. Every time I taper off of any level of prednisone I get a bigger flare.

Susie Scala
the AIP diet – Auto Immune Protocol. It’s only for 30 days but already after the 2nd week I was clearing up. After 30 days I was meds free and hives free. Please try it. It resets your gut and immune system. Google it, print out the list of foods you can eat and please do it.

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