hi There is something called urticarial vasculitis.

There is something called urticarial vasculitis.

Have any of you had marks like these, from where a hive was, earlier? When I first started getting hives again about six weeks ago (after 37 years!), they would go away and my skin would be absolutely clear where they were for the past week or so, however, I have been left with marks like these – they actually look like broken capillaries under the skin – I don’t think I’ve scratched in my sleep; the skin’s not abraded.

However, they are starting to be much itchier now than a few weeks ago and when I wake in the mornings, I have some areas that look almost “scalded” – thoughts?

this pic is look like urticarial vasculitis

(I woke up with these, raised and itchy, this morning, it’s now 1 a.m. – not itching, not raised – but look like I have been in a fight!)

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