There was a time I thought I would never meet others with Chronic Urticaria

Great news, everyone!!! We have crossed the 500 member mark! There was a time I thought I would never meet others with Chronic Urticaria, and now..not only do I know there are others like myself, I have met quite a few from the US and globally in person, and through this page! I consider this to be an amazing gift! We are so very lucky! Congrats to Sandra Magro, Doris Brooks, and Joy Seymour – you put us at and over 500! That’s an amazing amount of perspectives to bring to the Urticaria table! For all NEW MEMBERS: Check out the “Files” on this page – they are under the main picture of words at the top! It is amazingly awesome information about all types of Chronic urticaria! Also, if you are new, Urticaria Day is almost here! TEN MORE DAYS! Have you posted your photo yet on the site, with words of support for the world??? If not, it’s very easy to do Go to the site below, wander around in it for a bit, then get your picture, message, or tweet posted! This is for us! I received my “Got Hives?” T-shirt that I ordered from Cafe Press! LOVE IT!


Belle Creolina Luv the shirt Sue. Can’t wait to rock mine on the 1st 😉

Julia Fontera Wow awesome

Gene Starr Sue, can you please post the web address for the got hives shirt? I’ve found the shirts but the ones I’ve found are women’s.

Sue Elshire Hargrave I’m going to have to get the one you suggested too, in the gray! I could use more than one!!!:)

Welles Grey Bay I just made this T shirt , 30 works for Urticaria Day 2014 , it is my painting of my Neighbor’s Cows, I paint for relief from hive hell ! love the distraction of painting , it took me 3 months to do 30 works, some painting /some photos.

Sue Elshire Hargrave Gene Starr – It is from Cafe Press, and I made it . it may come up as a “ad” if you go there and plug the “Got Hives?” in! Welles Bay – your shirt is beautiful! I am wondering how I can get it! I want your name on the bottom of the painting!!!! It is AMAZING!

Welles Grey Bay Sue thank you, just go to this address, it takes a few seconds to go to the Urticaria T Shirt page

Sue Elshire Hargrave Thanks! I can’t wait to get these shirts! Thanks, Welles Bay I am still at the Oregon Coast, and I will post some photos when I get home!

Belle Creolina I will follow suit Sue Elshire Hargrave. I like all the shirts, especially the one by Welles. Really pretty art.

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