These hives literally make my skin hotter

Those are two doggy chill mats and I will be sleeping on them tonight. Seriously I’m desperate for relief. My hives get worse at night because of the simple fact of laying on my bed combined with heat that no matter how many fans and sheets I use always builds up..I think these hives literally make my skin hotter. Here’s to hoping my crazy experiment lets me get some sleep. ten more days till my second xolair shot.


RaeAnn Nelson I never knew such thing existed

Katie Huckabee Got them for $14 each at Ross! I’ve seen them cheap at tj Maxx and online too!

RaeAnn Nelson That’s awesome!

Donna Miller Please let me know if it works. In you are so right, it dosen’t matter how many fans nor low the ac is the body still heat up and the sweat just stand on your skin and the hives and itchy just make me crazy. I hope this work for you

Katie Huckabee Donna Miller it kind of worked. The chill pads were warm when I woke up but my skin was not as warm. I think they absorbed a lot of the heat vs my skin taking it all, which helped!

Donna Miller That sounds great. Thanks

Jessica Collins Are u taking anything?

Katie Huckabee Lots of things unfortunately 😩 they just don’t work.

Valerie Haynes 4 zyrtec daily, ranitidine bid, singulair at night, levothyroxine daily, vit d 10000units daily. heal leaky gut. BONE BROTH daily. made mine go away after 10 life altering months. There is hope.

Jessica Collins Try Plaquinel & try Allegra I takes Allegra(2xday), Ranitidine(2x day), Plaquinel(2x day), Singular(1x day), Claritin (2x day), Atraxa(2x day), Vitamins & 2-Xolair injections

Miya Weisbarth Barros I bought my mom a cooling pillow for menopause, it’s called the “chillow” you can find them online. That might help too?

Katie Huckabee Yea I have a version of that! I like it!!

Katie Huckabee So far I’ve been laying in bed about an hour watching tv and it feels real nice! Definitely cools. And the hives at least aren’t getting worse. I actually got OUT of bed and went out to buy this because I was in bed for ten min and the hives blew up.

Leah Louise B&M in england sell these cheap if anyone here is in the UK They are amazing! I put them over my head when I can’t cool down

Lachelle Pavlovic I remember I used to have to go out into the lounge room and sleep on the leather couch as it was a tiny bit kinder to my skin

Katie Huckabee I’ve been doing that to

Hilary Lipscombe You poor thing, hope they improve soon, i stood outside at 4am in freezing fog once to cool off, skin a strange mixture of blue from the cold & red from the hives 😬 hope you got some sleep

Katie Huckabee You sound like me! It was cold last night in Kansas and I had my windows down and arm hanging out the window driving to the store!

Mary Lou Robison I got one for my dog, she didn’t like it, washed it up and it’s in my bed!

Katie Huckabee woke up this morning and the chill pads were hot, but I was not hot. It almost seems like it absorbs the heat instead of my skin absorbing it. I had less hives on the sides of my legs and torso (side sleeper) so it may have helped a tad. Going to keep trying it over the next few nights.

Libby Jones You can buy a Chili pad to go on your bed, works great. It has temp control for both sides of the bed.

Happy Jack that’s cool, I’m looking into that for sure, I can’t believe I have never thought of it I get so hot at night

Serena Lynn I showered and bathed in baking soda for a week and never got those itchy night ones back!

Beth Lucaroni DiCicco Interesting! Following this for sure!

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