These hives started one week after the unexpected death of my brother

Well, I went to the allergist today for the first time, and explained that I have been having daily hive outbreaks for six weeks straight, mostly occurring in the middle the night and waking me up around 4 AM. I do suffer from stress and anxiety And just started taking medication for that. He agreed with my general doctor that it’s my anxiety that is the trigger to the cause of my hives. These hives started one week after the unexpected death of my brother – Here is the regimen that he put me on to start:
Morning – 20 mg Claritin and 15mg of buspirone
And 150mg of Zantac
Night – 150 mg Zantac, 20 mg Zyrtec and 25 mg hydroxyzine pam
And Benadryl throughout day as needed for itching


Laney Pollard Cobb Is it helping

Christine Colardo  I just was given this all today so we shall see

David Buhl I found Allegra was better during the day as Benadryl makes me

Jamir Gomez-Nunez I am on 2 zyrtec + 1 pepcid twice a day, benadryl in between to calm itching….. it works for me.

Melaney Reid So sorry about your brother. Hope they go away soon.

Sally Edwards Christine I am so sorry for your family’s loss.
I’ve dealt with CIU since 2011, and seen two specialists in 2 states (due to hubs’ military orders.) That regimen actually looks pretty good, very similar to what both docs started me on when my prior flares began. It’s been a couple days now, are you seeing any improvement? For me it would take a week sometimes to really see results with a regimen shift.

Christine Colardo Sally, knock on wood yes I am getting less hives. I always get them when I first wake up in the morning. But since I started this “cocktail“ they are more bearable. I’ve been on since Monday. I’m praying that I’m on my way to a remission

Sally Edwards Thank goodness! Mine are always the worst in the morning, then flatten out a little during the day and then new ones pop up at night. Mine seem smaller today so hopefully we’re both on our way!

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