This book helping so much in your hives

You guys get this book. It’s short, 79 pages and addresses everything! Ive done so much reading on the internet and nothing compares to this and having it all in one spot. It was $15 on amazon. It addresses why your hives are worse at certain times of the night, menstrual, pregnancy, men’s testosterone, children, diet, anaphylaxis, treatments, phycology, immunotherapy, DAO and enzymes, and so much more. Please buy this, it’s helping us so much.

Can I also just say I got to the end of the book to the diet section and found almost everything spot on except that she had bananas as something you can eat along with gluten and dairy which i think is old thinking and is a huge trigger for many so just something to think about. I follow this for my son but also cut out gluten, dairy, and bananas.


Michelle Daddato Poole First book I got at 6 weeks when doctors couldn’t explain! It’s been 2 years now—should reread it again to make sure by basic knowledge is true.

Samantha Dunne Michelle Daddato Poole It doesn’t hurt, I’m also going to look at new case studies to see what’s new as well. But I couldn’t believe I found this gem and how well it was wrote out so that it was easy to read!

Laura Persson Smith Allergists need this information!

Samantha Dunne Laura Persson Smith Tell me about it!!

Tecora Martin Thanks for sharing!

SHirl Fong Thanks for sharing . But I’m getting so tired each day that I’m giving up

Maureen Davidson I’m going to get that thank you

Wilma Westenberg Hmm, my hives is the same every day.. I don’t notice any difference being on my period.

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