This brand has many other pellets for all types of medical needs that I will eventually try.

Hi everyone I’ve been gone for a while I don’t break out much but when I do I’ll get a couple on my arms right where my arm bends or if I have a watch on or hair band on my wrist(not all the time) anywho I was in CVS and I found this medication I’ve used the brand before with their Arnica pellets and they worked so I went to ask the pharmacist what he thought of these pellets and he said he wouldn’t try it because it’s not going to work..

well I didn’t listen to him and I bought it any way and it’s works !!Idk if it will work with hives all over but for the minor break outs I have they go away with these. I also saw in The Vitiamin shop this brand has MANY other pellets for all types of medical needs that I will eventually try.. Good luck everyone !!


LYNN LUCAS GOULD Thanks for sharing!


JULIA SHARER I’ve considered using them. Did you follow the dosage directions?

BHRIS GAWD When I remember… but every couple of hours I take 5 pellets sometimes more depending how they fall out the tube and let them dissolve under my tongue

BHRIS GAWD I forgot I take probiotics too !! I wish I would have found these when I had major breakout might would have given some relief .

DENISE BOATRIGHT STRAIN Thank you. I have had chronic hives for 27 years. I went to CVS today and did the first round. While the hives are not gone, I am not scratching myself raw. Also my Hispanic friends gramma said drink lemon juice. I did that as well and no itching since.

BHRIS GAWD Start taking probiotics
Vitamin d 5000
B-complex drops
And juicing
That’s what I did before I found these
Also activated charcoal

FELICIA DEBRUYN I wish they shipped to Canada, I just looked on there website and its only in USA. does anyone know where else it could be purchased?

NATALIE JM I’m in the UK and nothing like that here. I’ll find probiotics, activated charcoal I took before, and I already take B5 Complex, Vit D, and 1000mg Vitamin C so I shall peruse amazon Good Luck hunny 

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