this disease has kicked me pretty hard at times.

this disease has kicked me pretty hard at times. At times it’s an emotional roller coaster, stressful, and let’s not forget to mention isolating! I have some really good days n some really bad flare ups! A lot of it is feeling what I used to think was vanity, I used to pride myself on being a mom but still trying to keep myself up. Yes it’s a little vain but I have a huge problem when it comes to my face more so when the angioedema attacks my eyes. And yes I know slapping on makeup isn’t gonna make it any better, but waking up looking in the mirror after 3 years of this horrible disease, I still can’t bring myself to not look at it constantly and want to cry for the feeling of what other people think when they look at me. But I try my best with a little bit of makeup and trudge on with my day usually going to work itching like I have bed bugs, and having to face people who always ask “what happened?”. But I do it, and hope they’re gone by morning, not because I’m an adult and shouldn’t concern myself with others thoughts or shocked stares or pointing at me when they think I’m not looking.

Truth is I usually pay attention more and it’s disheartening. I do it because I have an 11yr old daughter who is very impressionable. I pray that she never has to suffer from this. I’ve read a few of everyone’s stories and know I’m not alone. My family isn’t really supportive or exactly understanding. Every time I have a friends function or a family function I swear my stress induces some of the worst hives I’ve ever seen and I’m a nurse!
These are just smaller flare ups because I don’t even like to take pics when it’s like this. But any stories you wanna share, pics, tips, even just to rant, want you all to know, I’m here for you!


SAMANTHA SHANAHAN Have you been on any med for it?
Mine started last aug my face would swell at work size of golf balls as I was sitting at my desk it was embarrassing and stressful I felt so ugly so I know what you mean … I was on countless meds went thru diff drs nothing helped .. I found from this group bentonite clay drank it every day for a month after having hives since aug 2016 I’ve been hive free since march it gave me my life back … I also take 400 units of vitamin d each night and b vitamins everyday .. i also cut out sugar and gluten and high histamine foods (even tho I was tested and came back not allergic to them) I have since not drank the clay and have been able to incorporate those types of foods in again and am still have free

ADRIAN MARTINEZ I’m on old lady status!!!! You know the old ladies that compare their medicine bags and talk about their bunions?except ours are hives. Lbvs!
I’m on 40mg of Claritin, 150mg of Ranitidine, 10mg of singulair, .5mg of Xanax when my stress is high alert, take a shot of apple cider vinegar, vitamin b12 shot once a month, Benadryl when I absolutely have to. Now we are considering xolair and I’m hoping and praying it works! I’ve tried every cleanse and diet with little to no relief. So now I basically take my meds and roll the dice.

SAMANTHA SHANAHAN Adrian Martinez I seriously know I was on prednisone doxepin cyclosporine ranitidine Benedryl made hives come out more for me things stopped working and did the opposite effect … if I itch the littlest bit to this day I get anxiety because I’m scared hives are coming back and I freak myself out with thinking there’s something in my throat and it will close again but it’s nothing usually I’m just over panicked because those were the worse months of my life .. I hope xolair works for you I’ve heard good things about it

ADRIAN MARTINEZ Thank youuuuu. Fingers crossed my insurance is crap and have been fighting getting an approval. My meds are breaking my bank and my spirits!

BETH COAN BELLARDIN i Have you tried changing your diet.I started with hives 9 months ago all blood work came back fine. On this site I heard about bentonite clay. I tried that for a month and then totally changed my diet and started only drinking filtered water. I am now hive free and off all meds.

RITA MK Which Bentonyte clay did you use?

ADRIAN MARTINEZ Yes I have and have kept a food journal, I really can’t find a common denominator. I have hives every day no matter what, but noticed when my immune system is compromised, like by a sinus infection or general cold they go out of control. Got sun burned once, you know what that did, yup itchy painful hives at the points of contact. I do know that I have them regardless of the day, diet, even with the slightest pressure to my skin (bra and panty lines). Mosquito bites are horrible too. And if I’m stressed they get worse. I just seen a few posts about the clay and I would really love more info, I’m desperate, anything at this point is worth the try!


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