This is an food allergy ?

Been in control of these twats for a couple of weeks now but last night I went out for a meal, slowly started to swell.. and bam this morning hello elephant man 😢😢..

Havnt found the route cause of my hives and swelling yet but surely this is an food allergy??


Jackie Scarborough Can I ask what type of meal you had as I react badly to Mexican

Hana Louise Burton Jackie Scarborough just a burger my love.. up the hospital now hopefully they’ll be able sort something.. questioning dairy

Hilary Matthews Amaya I also can not tolerate Mexican food 😓 or pretty much anything flavorful other than Chinese food seems to be my safest bet restraunt wise…I have been triggered by many foods I am not allergic to on an allergy test…a coconut macaroon sent me into anaphylaxis yet I don’t show any allergy to coconut… coconut oil bothers me too we have to be careful what things are cooked in. ..some stuff can set you off fast and some stuff will build up gradually…it took me a couple weeks once to figure out something I was eating had been cooked with coconut oil because I was gradually getting worse, throat gradually getting more irritated eventually kicking off a flair…so much personal trial and error. It is a pain in the butt but if possible log everything you eat and how you felt that day…it will help you see long term patterns that you can not pin down in one day but can see over the long run.

Julie Emma Conroy-Marin I used to say it was ninja turtle mode, stay positive! One day it might just disappear for absolutely no reason and come back in 4 years, just like what happened to me twice so far

Jennifer Mignanelli Halahurich Look into angioedema.

Jeni Lyman My daughters face swells like that when she eats pasta we have found. She also seems to get the Angioedema after eating and it gets quite severe . They say she doesn’t have any allergies but something has to be happening because her inflammation markers were down Friday In blood work then ate pasta Saturday and had major flare. Swelling all over body that felt like bruises and was painful.

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