This is the first one in a long time that was painful

I started itching Nov 28. Just to remind me that I’m not in the 50% for whom they spontaneously go away within 1 year and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon, I got a big old hive on my calf today. Shaped like a freakin heart!
This is the first one in a long time that was painful. In fact if it didn’t hurt I might not have noticed it. The lighting is Bad & it wasn’t as red as it looks in the photo but it did sting!


Christa Tomlinson Palmer Hugs. That looks painful

Paula Michelle I’m so sorry! That looks extremely painful. Praying for a quick turnaround!

Miriam AbdulQaabid I’m at 13mo now and that includes an entire pregnancy. Here’s to solidarity!

Lysa Cotterill Hate to be the harbinger of doom, but it has been nearly 7 years since I began this nightmare and it’s not done yet – there are a few others who have gone much longer than that even 🙁 I think if it does not go away completely within the first five years you’ve probably got it for life.

Anne Camille Jongleux The first allergist I went to ( who I’d still go to if he weren’t in a diff state) was so clear about 50% dont have this longer than a year. I understood that intellectually, but it didn’t occur to me until about 2 months ago that I might be in the wrong 50%! I haven’t had these big glob hives since last winter. This one really surprised me but at least it hadn’t itched all day. 5 hrs later it’s just as red as before.

Janet Marie It’s not leaving anytime soon

Sarah Pinedo I started this journey at the end of my third pregnancy. My baby is now 24. 😄. I’m thankful I’ve had periods of good in between bad periods. It’s a cute heart shaped hive you have and maybe it’s a sign that you’ll be in the 50% that doesn’t have it for life. Smile and enjoy the good periods.

Troja Traktor If i said it once i say it a hundred times, heart shaped hives are a good sign

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