This is your form of urticaria ?

Hi Dermagraphism’ers. I was just telling someone the drs high tech way to check to see if this is your form of urticaria. If they do this before all the costly tests, they know that it has nothing to do with allergies and instead is an idiopathic or autoimmune histamine response. They basically take something non ink and draw a # on your forearm. (Think end of q-tip without cotton). Then the design will pop up red and raised.


Kathy Pardee I’m not taking anything for mine yet, I was just seen by an allergist…and they are testing me for mast cell disorder, my Mom was just diagnosed with a Mast Cell disorder. The allergy testing did show that I am allergic to trees and mold, though. The dr prescribed a lot of meds for the mast cell issues for me to take as needed. My worst problems are my eyes and I have spots all over my skin. I wake up with pressure marks too….

Ann Taylor I’m in the UK so I know the names can vary in each country. I take 1 loratidine and 1 fexofenadine in the morning. Then I take another fexofenadine and loratidine at about midday. Then at about 5pm I take 1 chlorophenamine. Then about 9pm I take 1 fexofenadine, 1 loratidine, 1 doxepin and 1 montelukast. I’ve been taking the cocktail of antihistamines in this dosage for about 3years now. The doxepin and montelukast are both fairl new to me, only been on them a few months.

Kerry Yonushonis Kathy, what is the treatment if it ends up being Mast Cells? I think that I was tested, but might be worth asking to make sure by did. Is it something ‘fixable?

Mario Daigle Yep, that’s what it’s all about!

Kerry Yonushonis Wow Ann! Good god! That is a lot! I am only in Xyzal, but have been on so many others over the years.

Ann Taylor I joke that if you picked me up and gave me a shake I would rattle!

Kerry Yonushonis Ann Taylor, does it help?

Ann Taylor Well, I don’t really suffer with the patches of spots, hives, inflammation as such. It’s really just the chronic itch and the dermographism I get. The antihistamines certainly do keep it at bay 90% of the time. On occasions, I seem to have a bad spell where the itching intensifies regardless of how many antihistamines I take, I’ve found my self having 10 antihistamines in a 24hour period and it has little effect to relieve the itch. During these spells I itch from the top of my head to the tips of my toes constantly. It feels like ant stings, hot, itchy and almost unbearable! Then the more I itch the hotter and worse it gets. During the day I make a conscious effort not to scratch but when I try sleep at nighttime it is very difficult! I sleep with socks on my hands to try to prevent me clawing myself to bits but I’ve learned to take my socks off whilst I sleep then I awake in a mess! Bright red, the most intense itch ever and there’s no way I could get back to sleep until a period of at least no itching has passed for over an hour or so, so the skin cools down a bit. This usually lasts for about a week to 10 days. It really is awful when I get one of these outbreaks but thankfully it’s been about 6 months since I’ve had a bad episode. I do think the last few times it did happen to me it was connected to me getting a bit too much sun on my skin. I wouldn’t say sunburn but almost sunburn, I’m very fair so I am careful in the sun. Living in the UK, Scotland to be precise we ain’t had much in the way of sun for the last 6 months or so but hopefully Summer is soon approaching, so it will be interesting to see if I take a bad reaction if I get a lot of sun again soon.

Kerry Yonushonis Wow, Ann. That is terrible. Mine is just a constant itch all the time. If I scratch then the welts appear. For the first time ever my eyes and nose are involved. Patadaise has really helped with the eyes.

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