Those still looking for solutions in hives

The saying goes “It takes a Village”. Meet my “Hive Tribe” If you have something working for you, keep it up. This is to those still looking for solutions. Over 50 years history since my first childhood hives. The only prescription I take related to hives is my Thyroid meds. The rest of this is available over the counter. I have other meds/supplements for other health challenges. The bottles on the left I find most effective.
They aren’t totally gone, I haven’t been able to cut back on antihistamines yet, but they are manageable, and I am not miserable. No xolair, no Prednisone, no Cyclosporine. I know if I’m patient I will eventually be able to cut back. I’m taking this as a win. Making some dietary changes for my other health issues, but I have never found mine related to food with the possible exception of artificial sweeteners. If you find yours to be food related that is great, if not, don’t drive yourself crazy looking, you are not alone.


Amy Shinkle What’s on top of quercetin? How much quercetin are you taking?
I’m still waiting for test results but I’m taking Zantac, Allegra, quercetin, pantotanic acid like you… I’m also taking dhist and dao which I think helps.
So glad you’ve found your magic!!!

Beth Carrier Fye Amy Shinkle Adrenal cortex, not currently using, but used while getting off prednisone 2 months ago. I only take the Quercetin when I have hives to help itch, 1/8 teaspoon. I did much better when I added the P5P to the panoramic acid.

Amy Shinkle Beth Carrier Fye oh good to know! Thank you for sharing!

Savannah Layne “Hive Tribe” LoL, see some familiar friends in this picture. You’re very lucky this is working for you! I wish you continued success

Beth Carrier Fye Savannah Layne I’ve never done Xolair, but have done more than my share of prednisone and cyclosporin over the years and am suffering the consequences now. I do feel fortunate that I got them under control so quickly this time.

Savannah Layne Beth Carrier Fye I’ve definitely tried to limit my exposure to prednisone…I don’t even know what harm high dose or long term use does to people but everyone says it’s “bad.” If I may ask, what sorts of issues are you dealing with now after taking it a lot?
They never put me on Cyclosporine because I’m of child bearing age and was trying to get pregnant at the time. But I was sorta glad because I understand it has some not nice side effects as well

Jessica Halpert Smozynski I spend SO much $ on the OTC meds for my daughter. It’s sickening

Beth Carrier Fye Jessica Halpert Smozynski agree, it is not inexpensive.

Barbara Iwan Are you in the states?

Beth Carrier Fye Barbara Iwan yes, Virginia.

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