Those who don’t suffer with hives this truly have no idea how horrible with hives.

Roughly almost a year I’ve been “living” with this. After a trial with Xolair and it working, I spent the past month and a half fighting with insurance to cover. My family doctor is not okay with just diagnosing me with chronic urticaria and wants to dig deeper. But do we ever find the true source? My allergist chalked this up to being allergic to oak, dust mites and all that good jazz.

Those who don’t suffer with hives this truly have no idea how horrible this is and the crippling effect it has on our lives.


Astrid Guicherit I thought if it lasted longer than 6 weeks it’s considered chronic urticaria. Possibly not idiopathic if your doc doesn’t want to admit he doesn’t know the cause. But still a diagnosis…

Michelle Vazquez Astrid Guicherit my allergist diagnosed me with that, shes not okay with not finding the root cause and just slapping a diagnosis on me

Astrid Guicherit Michelle Vazquez at least they are looking for a cause. More than my doc does

Sim Urivetzky I was told I had an allergy to dust mites also. I had hives from head to toe until I started Xolair in January. They say finding the root of the cause is almost impossible. Let us know what your doc finds & I hope you feel better soon.

Tony Dunford So true

Tonya Wade Sheppard I took xolair for about a year. My chronic uticaria is gone now or sort of in remission i guess. I pray you get the xolair covered. It saved me! Heart goes out to you!

Gail Vertefeuille Whayne It is awful.

Heather Derby Neufeld Your lucky to have a dr. That wants to look into it. I haven’t been so lucky, I had one just shrug his shoulders when I asked what he knew about hives.

Tess Adams Celery juicing everyday that’s what I’m doing when I get the flair up and it works. You just have to give it time. Remember, you didn’t get here overnight

Tony Dunford Do you juice everyday or just when you have a breakout?

Tess Adams Tony Dunford I should get into a habit of juicing everyday but for now it’s only as needed basis.

Paula Rigley Medical medium will say it’s your liver and I agree with everything he says. Celery juice will cleanse your liver. An overburdened liver shows on the skin.
My mum would get a rash everyday and I told her about celery juice. She listened and took my advice and has celery juice every morning on a empty stomach. 2 bunches will produce 16 oz. it’s amazing stuff.

Brenda Weaver I’ve looked at the Med Medium but I’ve read he has no medical schooling and he just comes up with stuff by “sensing” things. What do you think?

Paula Rigley Brenda Weaver he gets his knowledge from spiritual ways.
You read people’s own experience with his guidance and they’ve healed themselves and doctors have gone to him as they have been baffled about people’s chronic illnesses.

Debbie Thomas Mine were bad like that…it got on my face too…I now take vitamin D, singular and bee pollen capsules..and it’s not as bad anymore…

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