Three supplements from my Naturopath

Three supplements from my Naturopath. Some of you were concerned about Quercetin and Bromaline, here is what she gave me with no Bromaline. I/8 tsp powder that is like a sweet tart without the sweet, every 4 hours if needed. The Betula Pendula is my least favorite. 1/2 tsp 2 times a day. It reminds me of a cross between unflavored benadryl liquid from my past and cough medicine.
Fulvic minerals is a solution made up by her office so not sure how hard that would be for others to find. Great day yesterday, but woke up with some this morning. Had some processed boneless Chicken wings last night, so I might blame that.


Amanda O’Shea Thanks Beth! Why no Bromeline?

Beth Carrier Fye Amanda O’Shea some here were stating it came from pineapple which is considered high histamine.

Amanda O’Shea Beth Carrier Fye – oh right thank you Beth. I’m new to this. Never had hives up until last month and now I’m covered from head to toe. Just bizarre….

Beth Carrier Fye Amanda O’Shea just trying to share things I am learning even an old dog like me can learn new things. 

Amy Glassow That’s the brand of quercetin I use, only I use the quercetin and nettles blend. Works very well. Nettles helps with itch.

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