Three weeks hives daily, How’s this for strange.

How’s this for strange. Three weeks hives daily, although I’m into about five months of them I think. I’m lucky a half of a Benadryl or any antihistamine stops them within ten minutes. I only take if they don’t go away and start multiplying. Anyway Sunday morning I woke up with a cold. I take all natural stuff for the cold. I haven’t had a hive breakout since Sunday. I did have a small lip swelling yesterday that went away on its own. Not really sure if it’s all coincidental or not. Anyway thought I would share.


Lindsey Scheer I’ve had hives for 11 months straight no break. Last Friday my father passed away, my daughter was admitted to the hospital, I got sick with a sinus infection and started a new job, haven’t had a hive in the past week either. Really strange… stress, sickness all that usually flares me
Oh and i started my menstrual cycle last sat. Which I usually flare from the most. None this time.

Tina Madden I’m sorry about your Dad and daughter.
It’s truly strange about the breakouts. No real rhyme or reason to any of it.

Lindsey Scheer Thank you. I know hives have a mind of their own. But hey if they want to go away that’s fine with me lol. My daughter was given a medication in the hospital (she has CU as well) right on the meds it said Can cause Urticaria, so I was thinking shit she’s gonna flare. She turned to me and said mom I feel like this stuff made my hives better and she hasn’t had any since either.

Tina Madden Lindsey Scheer omg crazy. But good.

Mishelle Moore Your body has something else to attack

Tina Madden I did think of that. What a conundrum.

Lucy Wonders Hahn I feel so much better when my immune system is occupied doing what it should be doing!

Brooke Aliceon McDougal What did you take??

Tina Madden Am still taking. 500mgs vitamin c with rose hips every two hours. Zinc 500mgs three to five times a day. Kick ass biotic every two hours. Tons of water with lemon and lime. OJ and mango juice with fresh ginger. Cold almost gone.

Mishelle Moore Benadryl, zantac, zyrtec.

Tina Madden Mishelle Moore none since Saturday night. 1/2 a Benadryl at 11pm.

Jenn Tsusaki That sounds all normal with this stuff especially when any illness is involved

Tina Madden All new to me. Geesh it’s so strange this thing.

Jenn Tsusaki Tina Madden no worries…all are here for you…I felt the same as you when I first got into this group too ,I’m still asking questions and it’s been at least a couple years lol

Tina Madden Jenn Tsusaki oh good. I knew you were just passing along info. My mind is just continually blown by the insanity of this thing

Jenn Tsusaki Tina Madden lol trust me, mine too. And one tip I can give is try not to get discouraged…there’s so many things to try to keep it bay, but some work and some don’t and then you may find you try them again after awhile then it will work.
My experience, I’ve had one med work for about a year, then oddly, I became allergic…that doesn’t happen to everyone either

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