Twelve days post xolair injection and not 1 hive to be seen

I often forget my night time meds because I’ve been working double shifts

12 days post xolair injection and not 1 hive to be seen. My doctor still has me on all of my previous meds (2 allegras in the morning, 2 xylas in the afternoon and 2 claritins before bed) but I often forget my night time meds because I’ve been working double shifts (mandatory overtime 😩) I’m just exhausted. Normally if I miss a dose of any of my meds it doesn’t take long for the hives to come back and remind me to take them. I’m really hoping that this continues to work because it’s the first time I’ve felt like myself in 2 years


Brittanie Msbbtoyou Coleman
Praying it continues for you!

Sharise Vee Kay
Brittanie Msbbtoyou Coleman thanks!

Brandy Lynn Fairchild
Xolair has been a life saver.. I stopped all antihistamines though because they were making me drowsy.. I’m 95% hive free between injections!

Sharise Vee Kay
Brandy Lynn Fairchild I’m hoping to eventually stop all of mine. Hopefully the doctor will take me off at least half the amount I take

Jennifer Wilson-Loving
I pray it works wells for you! It has given me my life back. Down from 6 antihistamines a night to 1 pill. I get minor side effects, but so worth it. Hopefully you get to ween off most your meds.
Hope the OT goes down a bit too!

Sharise Vee Kay
Jennifer Wilson-Loving thanks! So far I’ve been feeling great. What are the side effects you get?

Jennifer Wilson-Loving
Sharise Vee Kay At first it triggered my migraines & I was very fatigued next day. Next month was better with the headache, still fatigued (just lethargic, not sick). Within a few months, that went away, but now I have joint pain. Ive always had it but it’s been dormant since I’ve lost weight. Injured my wrist in May 2018 & started Xolair in August 2018. Wrist pain worsened through the year & my knee joined in after about 5 months. I started glucosamine chondroitin in 2019 & it’s more tolerable. Still can’t bend my right wrist back 90 degrees like the other, but it doesn’t “throb” anymore. I think I had some minor hair loss too, but I’m susceptible to that because I’m bariatric anyway, so hard telling how much is from Xolair. I have kept my haor quite short anyway which I think helps.

Sharise Vee Kay
Jennifer Wilson-Loving like bariatric surgery? I was sleeved in 2012. I actually had firearms training for my job last week and my hand has been hurting since then but that’s never happened before. I figured it was just from the kickback from the shot gun. I’m hoping the pain stops soon because its in my dominant hand

Sharise Vee Kay
Jennifer Wilson-Loving I definitely understand the lethargic feeling but you’re right I can’t tell if its from vitamin deficiencies. I started taking prenatals, vit d and b12

Jennifer Wilson-Loving

Sharise Vee Kay That’s a great start & yes, Roux N Y in June 2013!
I hope it is just from kickback or maybe some residual pressure hives? Was pressure a trigger for you? I stepped on a nail full weight with a slipper on & it dug into my foot… had residual pain for a few days. Also did something similar insode when I was 5 weeks between shots.. that’s when I found out the max I can go between doses is 5 weeks & 4 days. lol

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