Two months late I still have hives but not nearly as bad.

Two months late I still have hives but not nearly as bad. Comments at end of thread explaining updates.
Juicer broke and I’m now sure celery juice truly was helping. Still taking NAC and added Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root. I know ibuprofen makes them worse and recently started taking it again (broke my back last year and live with pain but life, ya know? Still have to do laundry etc.) Did toxic mold remediation in my basement i consulted a friend who owns a mold remediation business and then read every review on Amazon. Didn’t go in blind on this
All helpful but none got rid of them for good. But WAY less severe.
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FOUND SOMETHING THAT REALLY HELPS ME!!!! Ive been researching very heavily. Came across a supplement on a website that talks about hives being caused by parasitic infections. Blasto hominis is the one most strongly associated. It can be caused by an upset in our gut flora (among other things I’m sure). So much is associated with gut health. Apple cider vinegar with the mother is excellent for gut health. Interestingly it’s high histamine and will promote hives while alternatively could keep gut health in check which doesn’t make for a friendly environment for “parasites”.
One of the things that stood out to me while researching is that with parasitic infection, food allergies/reactions tend to get worse and more things affect you as time goes on. Notice any allergies popping up that didn’t used to bother you? Could be parasites. We are all clean, I’m sure. But if you’ve ever eaten in a restaurant, fast food place, traveled, had a pet. literally existed. you could have a parasite problem.
I ordered supplies to treat one if I have one. Just in case.
Anyway.. we need liver support.
Celery juice is an excellent liver tonic and I started juicing. It helped. I ordered NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) which was recommended by a doctor on a thread regarding parasites. It’s a precursor to glutathione which our bodies produce. It can decline as we age. Also good for your liver. I’ve lived on pain medications for half my life from migraines. I took ibuprofen among other things regularly. It will tax your liver. So
With celery juice and NAC I haven’t needed an antihistamine in a week.
The first day I took NAC I didn’t break out in hives. At all. For me it’s miraculous.
Might help you too.
I don’t want to treat my symptoms, I want to eliminate the root cause.
So this is step one for me but it’s a good sign that taking care of my liver is a good place to start. Think about all the medicine we ingest in our lives and how much it taxes the liver. Including the antihistamines that give us symptom relief??!!!! Doctors treat us like we are crazy give us something to treat the symptoms and I guess it’s up to us to figure it out. I ordered my NAC on Amazon. Several brands. I got Dr Clark’s. I hope this helps someone else.
I’m so happy I found something giving me real relief while I search for my cure! This was the photo I posted a couple weeks before that was common in my life

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