Two supplements recommended by Naturopath

Last two supplements recommended by Naturopath. Omega 3 one with every meal, Folate one daily. I have been happy to share, but still recommend and suggest that if possible you should visit yourself. We all have different histories so recommendations may be different. I have also been doing my own nutritional supplement since 2015 and she was aware of what I was already getting from it. She was very happy with it and what I was already getting, which includes many things including pre and probiotics.

Obviously my hives returned while I was on it, so it didn’t totally protect me but we think this latest flare was triggered by virus and/or dental work that occurred same week. I will say I have tolerated the high doses of antihistamines better than anytime in the past and I am not walking around like a zombie.


Amy Shinkle Would you mind sharing more about your nutritional supplement?

Beth Carrier Fye Amy Shinkle happy too, but currently heading to Busch Gardens. I will message you tomorrow if that is ok.

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