Usually mine is not all over my body like this

Hey I’ve apparently had urticaria and dermographia like forever BUT usually mine isn’t all over my body like this..and also mine doesn’t usually itch that bad..last night though the itching was almost unbearable!!! I’m not sure if y’all can see all of the red blotches on my back but practically my whole back was red and my nose was all red (not sure if that’s related) and in the double pic of my chest you can also see my arm has red blotches on it. I’ve never had this happen this bad before!!!
What do I do???


Kathy Schmitt I would talk to your doctor. You may need a different cocktail of meds. Are you currently taking any meds?

Cristine Kreplick I’m not a doctor, or whatever disclaimer I should be posting, but my back looked JUST like yours, I wasn’t sleeping, I was itching constantly, I would take breaks at work to go scratch, I tried it all and my clobex is wonderful, please at least ask your doctor and try it.. I wish I could send some to every one of you!

Letrice Alexandria Walton I’m taking meds but they don’t help at all..I’m def going to mention clobex to my dr that might help..atleast I hope so! Thanks for both of ur input

Malin Winbladh What is Clobex for med? Iam from Sweden and don’t recognize the name. Is thera another name for it too?

Kathy Schmitt It’s a topical corticosteroid. It can be a cream or spray or ointment but it contains cortisone.

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