Very happy to announce I have been 2 weeks hive free

Very very happy to announce I have been 2 weeks hive free, down to just 1 cetirizine a night coz I can get a bit itchy but yesterday was the real test . Finally got my little purple addition on my back and was so nervous it would cause a flare but it hasn’t!! So here I am to share it with you . It can happen 🙂 Stay positive (I know it’s hard!) and wishing all of you well xx


Stephanie Bradshaw Congrats – best thing I’ve heard all day – Stay Hive free 🙂

Roxanne Bee Love the butterflies ,  I have a big monarch tramp stamp . Bwhahaha no worries Reda. I have a big monarch butterfly on my lower back. 😂 it’s covered right now as I has my bone marrow biopsy yesterday. I’ll post a pic when I can.

Sue Elshire Hargrave I love hearing this!…and to be able to add the tat (very nice!) with out a break out – so wonderful!!!

Sandy Wade So pretty


Bridget Felicity Therese D’Agata Oh no! I had no idea, is there a risk to getting tattooed with CU?

Kirsty Byrne Depends on what makes your hives worse. Mine have been fine

Bridget Felicity Therese D’Agata I don’t have dermatographia so that’s one tick, but I’ve read up that it can set off a reaction to the ink and cause a hive that will bleed out the ink. Also have you had a hive on your previous tattoo? And did it heal back without disfiguration

Roxanne Bee Bridget D’Agata I have seen only a couple of people brave enough to try. For the most part people are ok but it’s defiantly something to premeditated for.

Bridget Felicity Therese D’Agata Roxanne Bee it had broken my heart that I might not possibly be able to ever my tattoos.I’ll have to research a lot more into it. CIU likes to fuck with my mood 

Roxanne Bee Ok so like anything what you could do is a spot test. Go into a reputable tattoo shop and ask them to do a no ink spot or even a tiny hidden spot. That way you. Can check your tolerance. Personally I am getting another probably this summer.

Tessa Johnston Hey I got one 2 days ago . And I have CIU & DPU & I swelled a little more than most & it still hurts but it’s bareable I mean I clean it twice a day now without pain meds however I also got my xolair shots 2 weeks ago . I got the Rose on my arm when I hadn’t got my xolair shots and it swelled BAD however it still was bareable and no ink leaking or disfiguration. Lol

Bridget Felicity Therese D’Agata Tessa Johnston thanks tessa! Yeah I’m not on xolair shots, but that’s really good to hear!!

Tessa Johnston Yeah I got 5 when I wasn’t and they swelled something awful but within a few days it was normal again , they didn’t itch just hurt really bad because it was like a knot under the tattoo because of the pressure from the needles but they all healed normally . 💗 I have 6 and only got one while I have been on Xolair and this one was much better but still hived a little but nothing compared to the others but again to me the pain was bareable ,bareable enough to go through 5 more times without . Each person is different though but I hope everything works out for you and you are able too , I love tattoos they’re beautiful body art .

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