Vitamin “stress b complex” helped me so much with keeping my hives at bay!

I wanted to share with everyone that I have started taking a “stress b complex” vitamin and it has helped me so much with keeping my hives at bay! Please if you have not tried this, give it a chance. It is only 8 bucks at Walmart. Natures made brand. Helped me with sleep too! Be religious with taking it every morning with something in your stomach. I seen results after one week with energy levels and sleep patterns. I would have certainly expected a break out from previous triggers which has NOT HAPPENED. Thank you GOD


David Dober Whats in it?

Haley Grace I have B-Complex in my cabinet. I stopped taking it awhile ago because the niacin in it really makes me “flush”. But at this point with a straight week of awful hives and NOTHING working, I’m giving it a try. Fingers crossed for me and thanks for the idea!

Samanthia Louise  You are so welcome! How did it work for you?!? I hope well!!

Samanthia Louise I am sorry to you both for the severely delayed responses.. I actually went on hiatus from fb and didn’t use an awful lot- anyone who has tried can you let me know how it went??

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