Was meant to get my Xolair shots, I woke up with food poisoning

Can’t wait for bedtime so I can hopefully sleep it off.

Okay I just need to vent. I know you guys will understand.
Today was the day I was meant to get my Xolair shots, I woke up with food poisoning like great as if I need that right now after breaking out in hives the past few days, So I’ve been throwing up and all the other stuff all damn day.
I thought I might skip the injections for today but it being Friday and needing it asap I called a taxi (I don’t drive and can’t walk that far feeling like this)
So I get to the doctors turns out I handed the wrong script in yesterday so my Xolair won’t be ready until Monday as they need to order it in…. Safe to say I bursted out in tears in front of everyone I have been so swollen and itchy I was so keen to get my shots so I’m not all welting for Santa photos in 2 days……
Today has just been so shit I have a little human that likes to run a muk which is making things sooo much worse and to top it off my partner doesn’t understand how stressful, sore and itchy this stupid thing is or how I’m feeling right now with everything else. Can’t wait for bedtime so I can hopefully sleep it off


Thea Wells
I totally understand! My Xolair kept getting delayed because of misinformation and mistakes and I was so frustrated and I called back the person who delayed my shot by 2 weeks to correct her information and let her know I could’ve had it 2 weeks earlier if she hadn’t told me that they would call me in 1-2 weeks, rather than wait 24 hours and call them to schedule likely next day. Instead of apologizing profusely, she said, “well, it doesn’t start working right away.” All the more reason to get it right away!!! I was so miserable and desperate for some relief. It took awhile but Xolair gave me my life back. I have flair ups here and there but nowhere near as badly.

Becky Zampino
I’m so sorry. Know that you aren’t alone. Last Christmas was horrible. I was covered head to toe (literally on the bottom of my feet) and was miserable the entire time.

Melinda Gledhill Van Komen
Sorry for your terrible day. Here’s to a better one in the morning.

Meredith League Pretzie
I’m so sorry, I hope you feel better very soon!

Harlie-Rose Gavin
Meredith League Pretzie Thank you! Just one of those days. 😴😴

Meredith League Pretzie
I completely understand… Hugs!

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