We are taking rice as our primary food. Is this increases this type of yeast infection?

my son's tongue

My son is suffering from Urticaria since Sep, 2016. Recently i saw this pic on iniernet. This pic is very similar to my son’s tongue. Its sometimes looks like this. He is fond of sweets and as being Indians we consume sweets almost everyday. My questions are 1) is this linked with his skin rash? 2) we are taking rice as our primary food. Is this increases this type of yeast infection? 3)what type of treatment has to give now?
Thanks in advance for yours opinion.


KRISTEN HUDSON Geographic tongue usually harmless

MAHUA SANYAL Sorry….Geographic means?

REECHA ABHINEY SHARMA Mam I was also suffering from this last year…..I had tried everything ad every medicine ….at last I got recovery from patanjalai products…..haridrakhand and mahamanjistha …..both shall be taken morning and night ad with in 3 month u son feel good

MAHUA SANYAL Really. ..its amazing to know that u get relieved from this

REECHA ABHINEY SHARMA Mam it is very worst allergy and use coconut oil mix with Kapur both from Patanjali ad in morning and night massage full body with this I tell u ur son will definitely get heal from this .

NANCY DEPERI What I understand about the gut and skin connection is that when we have problems with our skin, it usually an indication of what is happening inside. It looks like he has an over abundance of yeast in his system.

MAHUA SANYAL I think also same.

SAMANTHA FAHY If it doesn’t hurt it’s probably just geographic tongue and not hives. Just means pink patches on the tongue that change place over time. One day might be a pink spot in front, a week later it’s on the side l, etc. It’s actually pretty rare (I have geographic tongue and hives but not on my tongue). Totally harmless.Also sugar is so bad and feeds the hives.

TIFFANY LEE So I have a geographical tongue ( mines really freaky looking) and hives but his looks a bit white which means candida (yeast) to me it looks like it could be a bit of thrush.It’s nothing to panic over and can be treated pretty easily.

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