We will scratch our itchy skin together

So I’ve been looking to adopt a dog and I’ve been doing it with a great lab rescue group who pairs you with a dog match maker who sends you potential matches. So today she sent me an email about a wonderful yellow lab who has had a rough start and is very Itchy!!! She was completely infested with fleas and had flea dermatitis and lost almost all of her fur. Anyway, she’s on the mend and it seems like it was a itchy match made in heaven. Picked her up today. We will scratch our itchy skin together!


Katie Huckabee Awuh! A dog is good for the soul. Mine always sit next to me while I wouldcry about my hives in my oatmeal baths. Have fun with your new pal 

Nicole Lynn My dog and cats have always been there for me when i have a flare up 

Emily Hahn She still needs special baths for her skin. I was considering trying a bit of the prescription shampoo on myself. Not gonna lie.

Nicole Lynn Try coconut oil 

Maryann Kugler Good luck. I adopted a bald bull dog. Today she is full furred. Good luck and coconut oil works.

Nicole Lynn Adding it to food is an awesome idea as well as rubbing it on her

Wendi Lee We rescued a schnauzer who had no fur cause chewed it off due to fleas. So she needed a lot of care. Today 6 months later she has all her fur back and no itching. Now if someone could fix me

Emily Hahn She’s already on antibiotics and prednisone and doing special medicated baths 3 times a week. Hopefully it will resolve and with routine normal flea prevention we won’t have another problem. She also came very underweight. They got her from an old man who was senile and just was completely neglecting her.

Cathi DiCactus My dogs provide so much comfort and can always make me smile. They can definitely sense when I’m not feeling well and stay right by my side as if to say “I’m here for you”. I think you’ll be perfect together.

Jenny Knight Brakhage Love your dog rescuing… I love dogs/labs, about all of them. We have two rescues and that’s probably all we will ever have is rescues… Thank you for rescuing. All the best to you both.

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