What a difference a day makes without hives

I am following a low histamine diet as well

Today marks 4 weeks hive free for me!! 5 more weeks and I can start to taper off some medicine! What a difference a day makes without hives! I am following a low histamine diet as well. My question For those of you in remission, do you still follow a low histamine diet or go back to eating whatever you want? For instance a margarita, Tito’s and tonic….. I’m asking for a friend 🤣… my hive free… hopefully in remission in about 5 weeks friend!!


Lindsey Ogle
I slowly introduced things back into my diet to make sure it didn’t cause me to flare again!

Lindsey Ogle

So happy you’re in remission

Lori Cantele
Lindsey Ogle not really sure if I am yet.. still taking lots of meds. Dr said to say on meds once hive free for 9-12 weeks then slowly ween myself off. Not looking forward to the withdrawal from Zyrtec though. But I was just wondering about reintroducing food and drinks back into my life.. I’m a little tired of rice and chicken 😂

Lanie Basilio
Congratulations on being on remission! I eat quite normally now but I minimize eating chicken, mushrooms, shellfish, and processed food. I‘d have a glass of mojito or sake, maybe only once every 2 months but that’s to avoid migraine 😄.

Holly A Pelt
Congratulations! What a great feeling. I have had less hives past 2 nights/mornings. I love it. I am hoping/praying I am going into remission. Enjoy. As far as food, I am going to watch certain things and leave off if need be.

Tamora Williams

So happy for you!!!

Lori Cantele
Tamora Williams thank you but I’ve learned with this crazy condition is to appreciate everyday hive free because It appears that it is always lurking around and waiting to pounce!

Tamora Williams
Lori Cantele yes!!! I am celebrating with you!!!💃💃💃

Julie Graham Chapman
Lori Cantele AMEN!

Amanda Ardell
I go back to what I was doing before as you never know when they are to return. Enjoy every minute of being hive free.

Lori Cantele
Amanda Ardell thank you 😊

Julie Graham Chapman
CONGRATULATIONS on being hive free!! Woohoo! Enjoy!!!!

Lori Cantele
Thanks everyone! I think I’ll ease back into foods carefully probably avoid gluten forever. I wish Everyone a hive free life! It is definitely a struggle and stressful.

Patty Stuart Stach
Staying on the diet. They have always come back even after years. To me it is a life style change.

Julie Alfrey
Doctor thinks my daughter will get remission she is improving all the time and back to dancing most evenings & weekends and performing in pantomimes. Also low histamine diet wheat grain milk free

Mariana Makram Congratulations!!!

Paul Chopra
I eat tacos and drink Tito’s. 🥴

Julie Alfrey
She feels amazing too

Jamal Valli
Please give me list of low histomine diet

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