What are bee hives made of ?

What are beehives made of? Although they are known as bees’ nests, these unusual homes are not made by honeybees, but instead by several different kinds of wasps. The most common kind is the yellow jacket, so-called because the adults have such a bright yellow colour.

Hornets belong to the same family, and you will sometimes hear them called yellow jackets. Yellowjackets are some of the fiercest insects around and can fill you with fear if you get too close.

Most people do not realize the uniqueness of beehives. They find a surprising way of life in these tiny homes which are very different from our own.

What are beehives made of?

Hives are made from a variety of materials, but the most common ones are wood and plastic.

Wooden hives are usually made from pine or cedar. They’re cheaper than plastic ones, but they’re also more likely to attract pests and rot if you don’t take care of them properly.

Plastic hives have a longer lifespan than wooden ones and can be stacked together for easier transport, but they’re more expensive than wood.

Bee hives are made of wood and glass. The wood is often pine, but it can also be cedar or fir. The glass is usually made from recycled beer bottles.

The frames are where the bees store their honey and make their hive. Each frame has six sides, with each side holding a single layer of honeycomb. This allows the bees to have more room for food storage and comb building.

In order to keep our bees healthy, we have to make sure that they have plenty of space in which to build their hives. That’s why we use these frames instead of just using regular boxes!

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