What are your thoughts on urticarial vasculitis?

So these are what I consider some of my “bad” hives they itch, burn, and there is swelling. They start oit just like all my other hives and turn into this. Sometimes they leave a faint bruise that might last a day but not longer. They also only occur below the knee and once had one on my foot. What are your thoughts on it being urticarial vasculitis? I go in for my 4th xolair injection Wednesday and plan on showing the nurse and seeing if she will show the doctor. On a positive note the rest of my body isn’t too bad today.


Rhenda Airall Are you taking any antihistamines?

Elizabeth Ward Yes 4 xyzal, 2 allegra, and I singulair.

Jennifer Jahn Get a biopsy of a hive to determine if it’s urticarial vasculitus. Mine was negative, but I also get bruising that lasts for several days. Although it is a different diagnosis, I think the treatment is the same as for chronic hives.

Michelle Gobeyn My hives sometimes look just like that (always below the knee) & feel exactly as you’ve described. I had a biopsy done & it did not show urticarial vasculitis even though my doctor was pretty certain it was.

Elizabeth Ward Wow, ok thank you!

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