What Do Bumble Bee Hives Look Like?

They’re kind of long, they’re kind of short, they’ve got three yellow sides and a black band around the middle. If you think about it when you get down to the nitty-gritty, what do bumblebee hives look like? I mean, I’m no beekeeper, but I know a fair bit about bees and their hives. So when I set out to research this article on Bumble Bee Hives seriously, who has written about THIS before? I was faced with a lot of information that just didn’t tell me that much. This is when it hit me…what’s the best way to learn about what bumblebee hives look like?

Have you ever wondered what bumblebee hives look like? If yes, this post might be of use to you because our team of beekeepers has found out.

What Do Bumble Bee Hives Look Like?

Bumblebees are a fascinating species of bee, and they’re also very important for the hive.

Bumblebees don’t have a queen, but they do have queens. These female bees are called “gynes,” and they live as long as 15 years while they care for the young. The female’s mate with males (called drones) in the springtime, and then the drones die off in early summer.

Once the drone population is gone, all of the females will begin working on the next generation of bees which happens to be workers!

These workers are responsible for building up hives by collecting pollen and nectar from flowers and bringing it back to the hive where they share it with other workers. This process is called trophallaxis, which means that one bee will pass something (like nectar or pollen) along to another bee that needs it more than she does at that moment. Sometimes this takes place through mouth-to-mouth contact between two individuals; other times one bee will place its abdomen directly against another bee’s mouth so that she can eat directly from her fellow worker’s abdomen!


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