What do Hives look like on Skin?

Hives are raised red bumps that can appear anywhere on the body. They are caused by swelling of the skin, which causes it to develop welts or lumps. Hives can be caused by many different things, including allergies and stress.

Hives usually appear as red, raised spots that look like mosquito bites. The spots may also be itchy and painful. The rash may be small or large and can be flat or raised above the skin.

It’s important to know that hives can look different from person to person and even from day to day in the same person! Here hives might look like on different people.

Common Symptoms

If you have hives or other allergic symptoms, see your doctor figure out what’s causing them and what treatment is best for you!

The most common symptoms of hives are:

1 Itching (the more severe the itching, the more likely you are to have hives)

2 Redness

3 Swelling of the affected area(s)

Hives look like on Skin

  • Hives are a skin condition that causes itchy red welts on the body. Hives can appear anywhere on the body, but they’re most common on the neck, groin and back.
  • The condition is known as urticaria and is caused by an allergic reaction to something in your environment. This can include certain foods, medications and insect bites or stings.
  • Hives are a sign of a more serious condition called angioedema, which causes swelling under the skin. Often this swelling will affect just one area (such as the lips), but it can also cause widespread swelling all over your body.
  • If you experience hives or any other skin condition that isn’t getting better after 10 days, see your doctor right away – they may need to refer you to a specialist like an allergist or dermatologist.

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