What do you take for daily control meds for HIVES?

Memory loss?

Sad because my pretty large stash of Zantac is down to the final pill. Sad because I’ve been on it so long with other medications and it helps so much. On another note, it’s time for me to go back to my dr and get a substitute for that and benadryl. I’m starting to feel the memory loss side effects more and more. I take 2-4 Benadryl every day.
What do you take for daily control meds?
Right now for me – it’s half an Allegra in the AM and in the PM 1 Zantac, 1 Zyzal, and 2-4 benadryl depending on my night. My hives are at a pretty consistent dull roar with this cocktail.


Jillyn Allred
I did 2 Zyrtec, 2 Zantac and 8-10 Benadryl that I later switched for 2 allegra. It kept them from being too severe, but I still had them daily and flared once a month.
2 weeks after my LDA therapy I’m medication and hive free. 6 months now.
You can search for my post about it.

Callie Gallet
Memory loss?

Jennie Roe
Callie Gallet recent reports Benadryl causes memory loss… I take it when I’m really bad, but it makes me jittery

Callie Gallet
Jennie Roe you are having memory loss because of it or you are concerned about it becoming a problem?

Jennie Roe
Callie Gallet, just passing along what I heard. It just makes me really shaky, like I can hardly write or put on makeup

Callie Gallet
Jennie Roe yeah. I wouldn’t take it if I were having those symptoms. I smart knew about the possible memory loss but I never actually saw anyone say they had that side effect so I was just wondering

Callie Gallet
Elizabeth Mullins I’ve seen it. But everything now is the cause of something. My grandmother has suffered with Alzheimer’s for 6 years. They have no idea what causes the plaque build up in the brain. Hopefully they will figure it all out soon.
My question to her was if she herself was experiencing the memory loss or if she was just worried about it based on the article.

Elizabeth Mullins
Callie Gallet my mother also has it. Or some form of dementia and some unusual seizures. She did take benedryl quite a lot .
I have been taking three antichlorigenic medications on and off for years. I am struggling hard with “brain fog”. So I’m stopping these drugs immediately. The article was enough o make my final decision. Not worth the risk for me.

Taylor Stelly Plemer
My DR is the one who actually told me about Benadryl causing memory loss and I should take Benadryl as light as possible. But my hives are so bad at night it just helps so much I take 2-4 a night. I definitely experience memory loss because of it. It’s crazy.

Donna Daley
Zantac does work good and I was freaking out when they pulled it but my doctor switched me to Famotidine generic for Pepcid and I am doing fine.

Eric Lagneaux
1 Allegra in the morning and 1 Doxepin at night. I can take another Allegra 4+ hours after the first one and double the Doxepin at night if needed.

Pam Beyersdoerfer Funai
I take 2 Zyrtec in the morning with a Pepsid. Then 1 Zyrtec mid day and 2 Hydroxyzine at night. They help a little.

Marilyn A Dunbar
Pam Beyersdoerfer Funai were you ever on a ppi

Heather Bojangles-Rae
Pepcid works just as well and is not linked to cancer like Zantac is 💗

Liz King
Have you tried Hydroxyzine yet?

Taylor Stelly Plemer
Liz King I haven’t been prescribed it yet but on my list of items to ask the dr when I go in. Not being on Zantac at night, I am so itchy.

Liz King
Taylor Stelly Plemer . I have t run out yet…..

Taylor Stelly Plemer
Liz King so jealous lok. I’m on night 3

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