what drugs are everybody on here?

I bit about myself, I have had Graves disease since the age of eight and Addison’s disease for the last five years.
For some unknown reason the end of July this year I started getting hives. Face, back, legs , everywhere. They are nasty. I finally got into an allergist after a hospital visit. The chronic hives, at this point he believes they are autoimmune. Was given Blexten, although the hives are not raised and angry looking anymore, they’re still there. Daily. I see him again on the 15th. My question to you all is..what drugs are everybody on here? What works for you. Thanks in advance.


Lusine Roy My daughter is on allegra, zyrtec, hydroxisine, and pepcid. Had 2nd round of xolair, so far nothing has been working, keeping my fingers crossed the shots start to work soon

Gillian MacMillan Merritt I hope it works out for her.

Lusine Roy Gillian MacMillan Merritt thank you

Summer Dawson Lusine Roy I’m on a similar mix and waiting for Xolair. Praying

Lusine Roy Summer Dawson best of luck to you

Summer Dawson Lusine Roy of course!!!! No one deserves this!!!!!

Lusine Roy Summer Dawson forgot to mention that her allergist also told her to take pepcid twice a day, try that and see if it helps , totally, worst ever but I always tell my my daughter it can always be worse

Summer Dawson Lusine Roy I’m up to four Allegra a day and two to three pepcids and on steroids and they’re still coming through bad 😩 Can’t wait for Xolair

Lusine Roy Summer Dawson oh wow, ok

Summer Dawson Lusine Roy I know… was on Zyrtec before with no luck also. How old is your daughter??

Lusine Roy Summer Dawson shes 16, started out of nowhere this passed July, went through every doctor and got stuck with the allergist who loves pushing meds lol, would love to go see a alternative medicine doctor but I just know they will want her to heal her gut and change the diet completely and she just wont do it, refuses to change her diet, I dont really blame her cuz who wants to change their diet at 16 lol. But seriously I would love her to go keto or paleo or whatever low histamine, I myself eat carnivore, has done a number on my digestive system and everything else but she wont try anything, the struggle is real 

Summer Dawson Lusine Roy I feel for her so much! I’m 26 and can barely handle this. I can’t imagine having it at 16. Send her my thoughts!

Lusine Roy Summer Dawson thank you and I’m so sorry you are dealing with this, such a nasty and unpredictable disease, it’s just awful

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