what happens when I come off steroids.

I come off steroids.

Hey all, thanks for accepting my request. I have had this issue since October I had a really bad reaction to lime plaster dust during DIY (we think)and was put on prednisone for a week, then came off and it flared up again so was put back on prednisone over xmas, I tried to come off it recently and a severe case of urticaria happened with swelling to both arms which has been so sore, so itchy and the doctor said I have no choice but to go back on steroids which is where I am at now, off work (again) I’ve been given an epi pen and waiting to see a dermatologist. I’m so anxious about not being able to come off steroids without major flare up….. any one else stuck on steroids? The photos are what happens when I come off steroids.


STORMY MOOCK Can you come off and only take a prednisone once you first notice swelling and hives? I think prednisone takes about 3 hours to work but that might help before the swelling gets out of control. I wish I had more answers for you, myself and everyone in this group.

PAULA TAPP That’s what I tried last time, went down to 1mg a day alternate days and the hives were getting worse then my arms were so swollen I couldn’t bend them, I put up with it for three days then couldn’t any longer that’s when the doc was like you have to go back on higher dose

MONICA WALKER I feel your pain. Mine started when I had a severe allergic reaction to a medication. Nothing helped steriods did for a short amount of time. Eventually my allergist prescribed me xolair and it has been my life saver. You might want to check with an allergist and see if it might be something else causing your problem.

TRACI GEORGE Yup, I don’t take prednisone anymore and refuse to let doctors administer it or give me a rx for it. The flare ups at the end of taking prednisone are so bad with me that I go into anaphylaxis and end up right back on prednisone. I just deal with the flare up and try to take as much antihistamines as I can and lots of rest.

PAULA TAPP My sickness levels at work are suffering so bad I don’t know weather to go back and discuss a plan of tapering with them so they can be aware that I may be off sick again…. this is beginning to really affect my life. What antihistamines did you take???

TRACI GEORGE I take 2 Allegra, 2 Zantac, 2 zyrtec, 1 Singulair. But my doc is switching me to something called xyzol ,And 3 vitamin d3

THALIA OKEY I’ve been on prednisone for 10 days and finally feeling better. I was referred to a dermatologist as my allergist doesn’t think I have hives now as my outbreaks have changed. Anyway the dermatologist wants me to wean off the prednisone and has given me a script for betamethasone cream and use as often as needed and nothing else. He seems to think it will work better. Not sure if this will work but just thought I would put it out there

PAULA TAPP Yep I’m waiting for dermatologist now. I know they will wean me off pred. It’s a given.

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