What should I do cold compress?

Bought this stuff to see if it helps the burning/itching. I am burning under my eyes today. What should I do cold compress?


LYNN LUCAS GOULD Let me know how it works. As far as the itchy, burning eyes, I really try to just ride that out because the minute I rub them, bam, swollen eyes!

LINDSEY SCHEER It seems to work well. Itching went away very fast. Skin stayed moisturized and didn’t seem to burn as bad

TAMMY PARRISH I have had some relief with this, since I’m usually covered with hives by evening. Hope it helps!

CARI ALEXANDER I find that ice packs are the only thing that seems to ease the burning I get with hives. Just recently I tried this hydrocortisone cream called “Cortisone 10” which also has aloe in it, and actually seemed to help a little bit with the burning sensation, and also seemed to help the hives go down. Has anyone else had luck with hydrocortisone cream?

TAMMY THOMAS SUIRE Yes but cortisone cream like all steroid cream is dangerous. OTC as well as prescription. Don’t use too often and read directions and follow. It can Cause a rebound that’s worse than the hives themselves . Thins skin etc. it does help somewhat. But Nit worth the risk.

CARI ALEXANDER Really? I didn’t realize cortisone cream was dangerous. I know that taking oral steroids can be dangerous if done too often. I have taken steroids only a few times in the years I’ve had hives – when nothing else seemed to work – for a week or so. It did the trick. But I don’t want to take them unless absolutely necessary

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