what would you say or ask for about hives allergy to doctor?

Well, like everyone said, as soon as I stopped the prednisone (well 4 days after my last pill) I woke up with hives – not a lot at all but it was discouraging). So tomorrow I go to the allergist. What would you say to your allergist at this point?
I have only had this since 12/6/17. I am currently on a daily regimen of 20mg zyrtec and 150mg of zantac in morning and 20mg of Claritin and 150mg of zantac at night. I also take anti-anxiety med in the morning (buspirone) and anti-anxiety at night (vistiril). So at this point, when I see my doctor, what would you say or ask for?


Cindy Smith-Grant Once you’re on that regimen for three months you should be able to get xolair. Worked miracles for me.

Sharette Gallo Santos You’re headed for Xolair

Janet Witt The allergist will probably double those dose. Add singular. Talk about Xolair and get the ball rolling. And for me they tried a doxepine. Today I got my second shot of Xolair. I started my hives journey on Nov 1 of 2017.

Ryan Isenberg My med escalation went
1)Double doses of OTC non-drowsy H1 like zyrtec
2) 4x dose of OTC like zyrtec
3) add H2 like zantac(I stopped it, made it worse)
4)added singulair(didn’t help so eventually stopped it)
5) Added doxepin
6) doubled original dose of doxepin(actually made it worse so I dropped back to single dose)
7) next step was Xolair but I went into remission

Ana Garcia What about the CBD oil?

Christine Colardo Well I still take it but apparently it’s not helping (maybe calming me a bit)

Josephine Palermo Williford Have you been on the antidepressant and the antianxiety meds longer than December?

Josephine Palermo Williford Just asking cause I had to go off my meds one try at a time to make sure they were not causing it…

Anne Camille Jongleux I was about to ask same question. Any meds taken before onset should be considered as cause of hives, even if you have been on them for a long time.

Christine Colardo Started those when hives started – you see, my hives started on 12/6, two days after my brother died unexpectedly- so my doctors said grief triggered them

Josephine Palermo Williford Oh yes so sorry for your loss…ok so not them…best of luck try Xolair it didn’t work for me made me sick….I am going on 2 years in May this time last time it was 3 years then went away for 3 years now back???

Melaney Reid Just ask for the xolair. My daughter has the one shot January 2 I think and that was all it took for now and we haven’t had to get anymore.

Amanda Lally So sorry for your deep loss and now suffering Christine. You have to trust your gut but the examples above all make sense. Xolair does seem like a next step…

Lisa Waltos Wright I hope your journey is short, however most of us have faced many disappointments with this life changer. Prepare yourself for it without giving up

David Buhl Depending on your insurance company, they might require your antihistamine doses to be increased and also add singular before they would approve Xolair.

Christine Colardo I’ve already tried singular- I went to dr today and he is sending me for blood work and doing the xolair paperwork. He gave me a shot if it today to try it out

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