When I am itchy (with no visible hives) that I often get pain in my upper lip.

I am lucky to have my CIU mainly in remission (if that is the word?) in terms of only getting minor hives that come either out of the blue or when clothing pressures on my body. I do notice that when I am itchy (with no visible hives) that I often get pain in my upper lip. It is like I have a canker sore in that it hurts with cold/hot and to touch BUT there is no visible sore. Can this be related to CIU ?


Katt LynnAnn I had that happen to me recently while on steroids but then again I have had fever blisters all my life with remissions here and there. I also had cellulitis about 7 yrs. ago and had to have a bump lanced. I’ve wondered myself if these two things are related to it.

Lesley Teresa I have had cellulitis, but under my breast. My instinct is that I need to do some serious work at understanding what is going in my gut, and do some healing there

Katt LynnAnn Lesley Teresa yea i have been diagnosed with spastic colon and ibs back in 1999 but i got it under control through my diet. I was doing great from Aug-Nov. 24th this year then i woke up one day covered in hives Nov.24th

Katt LynnAnn Lesley Teresa mine was in my underarm

Lesley Teresa I just wish I knew what was connected in my health ….between CIU, Hashimotos, fibromyalgia, anxiety .etc. there has to be a connection

Katt LynnAnn Lesley Teresa I hear ya it’s a nightmare for sure

Julie Noble Yep. I get that upper lip mouth pain too… swelling usually follows.

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