When To Add Supers To The Bee Hives?


If you’re looking to add supers to your bee hive, there are a few things you need to take into account. First, you’ll want to make sure you have the correct tools. Second, you’ll need to ensure that your hive is well-stocked with nectar and pollen. Finally, you’ll need to make sure that the colony is healthy and thriving. All of these factors will help contribute to the success of your supers project!

How to Add supers to your bee hive.

To add supers to your bee hive, you’ll need to purchase a super scratcher and some supers. Thesuperscatcher is a device that helps you add more bees to your hive. Supers can be added by either hand or with a power drill.To add super bees to your hive, place the super scratcher on top of the brood cells, and then pour water over the top of the supers. Place the colony into the super scratcher and wait until all of the bees have arrived. Once they’re all in there, close the door to the hive and wait for them to swarm.

How to Add Supers to Your Hive in a Safe Way.

To add supers to your hive, you will first need to remove the existing bees. To do this, use a hairdryer or heat gun to heat the bees’ exoskeletons and then peel them off. Once they are off, carefully cut the surplus parts of the bee hive down to size and add them to the replacement bees. Be sure not to damage or injure the original bees while adding supers.

How to Add Supers to Your Hive in a Quick Way

To add supers to your hive in a quick way, you can use a super glue stick or adhesive bandage. First, apply super glue to one end of each surplus piece of a bee hive and hold it against the inside of the new bee hive so that both colonies are sealed together. Then place the newbies into their new homes and enjoy your safe and healthy hive!

How to Add Supers to Your Bee Hive in a Safe Way.

The first step in adding supers to your bee hive is to make sure you are using safe and effective methods. This includes ensuring that you are using safe and effective hive management techniques, choosing a healthy and compatible honeybee population, and training your bees properly. Next, add the supers to your hive in a safe way.

Try to add supers slowly and carefully, as added supers can have harmful effects on the colony. Add supers in an even manner so that each bee has access to a supersedure. Be careful not to over-add supers or disturb the honeybee population too much; this could lead to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

If all of the above steps don’t seem like enough for you, some other tips can be helpful when it comes time to add Supers:

• Make sure you are bringing in new broodstock from healthy colonies

However, if you only have older stock available, it may be best not to add supernates (supers with more than one frame) until after the older stocks have had time to laid eggs and raise their young. The effect of supernets on colony health can be quite harmful!

• Use caution when moving any kind of equipment into or out of your hive

Especially when doing so without warning your bees! If something goes wrong while moving your equipment, it could result in serious bee injuries or even Colony Collapse Disorder.

• Have fun while working with bees

They will enjoy being able to assist you with tasks like hiving and managing their colonies!


Adding supers to your bee hive can make your colony more healthier and productive. It’s important to follow these simple steps to have the best results. Follow these steps to add supers to your hive in a safe way: Choose a healthy, inspected hive. Add supers according to package instructions. Keep the hive warm and moist until Supers are added. Weigh the colony after adding supers and check for any health concerns before removing them from the hive!

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