Where Do Bumble Bees Make Their Hives?

Bumblebees are social insects that live in colonies of up to a million individuals. They are unique in that the queen bumblebee solely lays eggs and does all the foraging for the colony. Bumblebees build their nests out of mud, soil, and other small objects. Some bumblebees make their nests in trees or other elevated locations. Where do bumblebees make their hives? Some bumblebees make their nests in trees or other elevated locations.

Bumble bees are highly social insects and typically live in colonies of 50-500 bees. Colonies are located in places where flowers are available for the bees to gather nectar and pollen. Some bumblebee colonies can be found in attics, under decks, or even in old tires. Bumblebees are skilled builders and use mud, wax, and soft plant materials to create their nests.

Where Do Bumble Bees Make Their Hives?

Bumble bees make their hives in hollow trees, shrubs, and other plant matter. The nests are usually built in the center of a leaf of a plant. The bumble bee collects pollen from flowers and lays eggs in the nest. The queen bumble bee lays about 1,000 to 2,000 eggs per day during her mating period. She uses her stingers to kill predators and defend her nest.

The life cycle of bumble bees includes:

  • Larva, pupa, and adult stages all live together in the same nest
  • Nests are located in hollow trees, shrubs, and other plant matter

The bumblebee is a species of insect that is native to the UK. It has been known to make nests in trees, on walls, on the ground, under stones, and in other places. However, it has also been observed making its own nest underground.

The bumblebee’s nest is made out of the mud and other materials such as leaves and twigs. The bees use their saliva to glue together this material into a protective dome around themselves and their eggs. This dome protects them from predators such as birds and other insects.

The bumblebees use their wings to help them build their nests. They will use them to support themselves during construction work which makes it easier for them to work faster than if they were not using their wings at all!

The bumblebee will usually construct its own nest from materials found nearby but if this is not possible then it can be bought and ready built by anyone who wants one for their garden or home!


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