hi Who is stronger , me or the hives?

Who is stronger , me or the hives?

Who is stronger? Me or the hives? After a few more months of lifting, I’ll be even more proud to show off these guns even if there are hives all over them (bicep hives!). I can’t control my hives, but I’m taking full advantage of the aspects of my body that I can control. And that is probably the only thing preventing me from going insane.


Erin James What a great post!!! So glad to hear that you are taking control of what you can!!!

Sammy Ru I’ve been having some pretty rough days… especially since I’m starting to experience some negative side effects from long term use of Cetirizine. I’m really trying not to let it get to me, but it’s so hard! I’m terrified to to go off the antihistamines because I don’t want my little hive blotches to turn into a full body takeover. I’m experiencing tinnitus and a lot of mental fuzziness after 3 months of it… not exactly helpful when working on earning a master of science degree. Not quite sure where to go from here. I’ve always been a good student, but this problem has me considering taking off for a semester. If it weren’t for the gym, I’d be in a mental institution.


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