Why Do I Get Hives From my Dog?

Why do¬†I purchase¬†hives from my dog? This is a question that’s asked frequently. Whether it’s a dog or another animal, people who have this condition often wonder what they can do. If these animals cause allergies or not. As it happens, there is sometimes a very simple explanation that leads to the conclusion that these animals are the cause of the problem and are the culprits when it comes to setting off allergic attacks.

We’ve all heard that dogs are man’s best friend, but sometimes their love can be a little too unconditional. In extreme cases, you might even react to your dog with a severe, itchy reaction known as hives. What’s going on? Why do I get hives from my dog?

Why Do I Get Hives From my Dog?

Hives, or urticaria, are the result of your immune system overreacting to an allergen. The resulting rash is red and itchy, and can sometimes be accompanied by swelling. Most people will experience hives from time to time; they’re usually caused by something like being exposed to a new food or a chemical (like poison ivy). But if you get hives from your dog or any pet that’s not normal.

There are a few different reasons why you might get hives from your dog:

1. Your immune system is hypersensitive to allergens in dogs.

2. You’re allergic to something else that’s also in your house (like dust mites or mold).

3. You have an infection somewhere in your body that’s causing your immune system to react abnormally.

4. Allergies are the most common reason is that your dog has an allergy to something in their environment (like pollen or dust mites) and you have an allergy to the same thing.

5. Sometimes stress will cause hives as well, but this is more common in cats than dogs because cats tend to be more skittish than dogs and will run away when they feel threatened or stressed out.

6. An infection, if your dog has a bacterial or viral infection such as ringworm or kennel cough, then this could also cause hives because these infections can affect humans.


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