Why Do I Get Hives When I’m Sick?


In the age of pandemic fever, you need to be prepared for anything. Whether it’s a cold or the flu, you may not know how to handle yourself and your family if you catch something. Here are three tips to help keep your family healthy during the pandemic season.

What is a Hive?

The benefits of having a honey hive include the production of honey, which is a type of natural product. Honey is also rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, and it can help keep bees healthy and productive.

What are the Symptoms of a Honey Hive Infection

Honey hive infections can cause several symptoms, including:

Bee losses:

When bees get sick from an infection in their hive, they may lose their comb, pollen, and eggs. This can lead to decreased colony productivity and loss of income for the beekeeper.

Fungal overgrowth:

Fungi that thrive in warm environments may spread to a new hive and create an environment where fungus can grow unimpeded. This can lead to problems with the hive’s ventilation system, security, and even food storage.

How to Clean a Honey Hive.

If you notice that your honey hive is covered in pollen and bees, something likely needs to be done. A hive cleaning kit can help remove the pollen and bees, though it may take a little bit of effort. To clean a honey hive, first, get a kit that includes both an air filter and a suction cup. Add the kit to your vehicle or travel bag (to avoid taking the bees with you), and drive to where the hive is located.

Use the suction cup to lift the comb from around the inside of the hive, and then place it in a bucket or other container. Let the Hive Cleaner work its way through the comb until all of the pollen and honey have been removed.

Remove the Bees

If removal of the bees is not possible or desirable, there are other options available for dealing with sick honey hives. One option is to use an application called “De-mist” which kills any unenclosed larvae that may be living in your hive without harming the bees. Another option is to use an “insecticide” like propane gas or pyrethroid pesticide to kill any pests that may be inside your hive.

Tips for safe Hive Storage.

When it comes to keeping your hive safe, you’ll want to keep things clean. Cleaning the hive will help reduce the number of sicknesses and other problems that can occur in a colony. Additionally, a cool and dark place will allow bees to remain healthy and productive.

Store the Hive in a Cool and Dark Place

If you find yourself in an environment where it is difficult or impossible to keep your hive clean, try storing it in a cool and dark place. This will help reduce the number of sick bees and increase their lifespan.


A Hive is a large, beautiful hive of bees. It can be a great way to produce honey, but it’s important to be aware of the dangers of having a Honey Hive Infection. By getting a Hive Cleaning kit and removing the bees, you can keep your hive safe and healthy. Finally, tips for safe Hive Storage are essential to prevent any accidents or damage.

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